Biloxi Begins A Drainage Project To Aid Pass Road

The construction mess on Tara Lane in Biloxi is right in front of Susan Clark's home. "It's noisy," Clark said, before she drove to the store, "but we're getting through."

Biloxi hired the SCI construction company to dig up Tara Lane and place larger drainage pipes under the road. The bigger storm drain system is supposed to carry a lot more rain water out of West Biloxi. It's a million dollar project that should get rid of a neighborhood flooding concern.

Scott Praiss knows a thing or two about Pass Road flooding. "Last time it rained," the mechanic said, "the water line was up to the pole here."

Just about every time it rains, the employees at this Biloxi muffler shop watch Pass Road turn into a lake. "It's pretty bad," said Praiss. "I've seen cars go out this driveway and water rush over their hood."

When the water gets that high, many cars veer off Pass Road. They cut through both the laundromat parking lot and the muffler shop parking lot, before getting back on the drier section of Pass Road. By November, that shouldn't be necessary anymore, once the million dollar drainage project is done.

The construction foreman on the project is Steve Coubert. He said the rain water "is going to come into this system and flow on out, catch it back here on the back side of Keesler."

Pass Road, Tara Lane, Iris Street and Belvedere Drive will all be impacted by the drainage construction. City leaders say the inconvenience is necessary to repair the West Biloxi flooding problems.