Biloxi bakery turns dangerous trend into tasty treat

Biloxi bakery turns dangerous trend into tasty treat

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - There are always new trends sweeping the nation, especially among the youth. Challenges ranged from pouring icy cold water over your body, to standing as still as possible like a mannequin, to eating a mouthful of cinnamon. But the latest trend of eating Tide Pods laundry detergent is possibly the most dangerous yet.

But, many bakeries are using this opportunity to turn a dangerous trend into a tasty treat.

Shortly after the "Tide Pod Challenge" emerged bakeries across the country started making Tide Pod decorated donuts and cupcakes.

Cheeky Monkey Cake Company, a local bakery in Biloxi, also took advantage of the trendy opportunity.

The donuts are made to order and are 100 percent safe to eat. (They're only made to look like the pods).

Doctors advise people not to eat the laundry detergent and warns that it could lead to death.

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