Coast cities make up top 4 affordable beach towns in U.S.

Coast cities make up top 4 affordable beach towns in U.S.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Four South Mississippi cities are taking top spots in a survey of the most affordable beach towns in America. Topping that list is Gulfport, which comes in the number one spot. Biloxi snagged the number three spot, with Bay St. Louis and Ocean Springs following at numbers five and six, respectively.

SmartAsset - a website aimed at helping people with their finances - has conducted the survey for the past three years, with Gulfport topping the list for each of those.

"This recognition goes to the heart of the efforts we have been dedicated to, in creating a unique experience in Gulfport for residents and visitors, alike," said Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes. "We remain one of the best kept secrets in America."

SmartAsset looked at a variety of factors when compiling the list, including no dramatic changes and affordability.

According to website,the average home in Gulfport is worth $116,200, which is the fifth lowest median home value in the study, and the homes are relatively large for that price, with the average number of rooms at 6. Additionally, the website says Gulfport ranks in the top 15 for its low median property taxes.

Biloxi ranked at number three once again this year, with the website ranking its median housing cost at $785/month, with houses averaging in worth around $149,100.

Bay St. Louis moved up to fifth place after being listed ninth last year. According to SmartAsset, the housing costs in the Bay are a standout metric, with the average homeowner pays $729 per month, or $8,749 per year. To afford that and not be considered housing cost-burdened, SmartAssets says a person would need to make $29,160 per year.

Coming in sixth - and rounding up the cities that made the cut - is Ocean Springs. With homes weighing in on average around $151,500, Ocean Springs has some of the lowest property taxes in the nation, with homeowners paying around $1,300 a year.

Here's a look at the other cities that made the top 25:

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