Rohm and Haas in Moss Point is Closing

Rohm and Haas in Moss Point is closing. The chemical plant announced Monday it would lay off the rest of its 70 employees by December.

In April of this year the company laid off 140 employees and closed a product line. The company at that time said it would reevaluate its business in June and decide whether to stay in business in Moss Point.

The plant has been producing an organic sealant. It plans to move the Moss Point production line to other Rhom and Haas facilities.

The Rohm and Haas Plant is the old Morton Chemical facility which opened in 1952.

Rohm and Haas is just one of several industries which have announced layoffs in Jackson County. The largest being International Paper Company which announced earlier this year that it will soon shut it doors and put 375 people out of work.