Several school districts reopen Thursday

Several school districts reopen Thursday
Class is back in session for many school districts along the Gulf Coast. (Photo Source: WLOX)
Class is back in session for many school districts along the Gulf Coast. (Photo Source: WLOX)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It was a bitter cold start to a school day for thousands of students around the coast.

Ice was still melting and the chill was definitely still in the air, but that didn't stop four school districts from opening their doors after record cold temps caused them to close for a day.

Class was back in session for the Pascagoula, Gautier, Biloxi, Long Beach and Gulfport school districts.

"We should have just stayed out another little day. Let the weather go on and kick on in and go up a few more temperatures," said Za'quan Reed, a student at Gulfport High School.

Reed wanted to stay in bed, but got the message that school was back in session and booked it to class.

"I'm not even prepared. I was going to wear my little chinchilla coat, but couldn't find it so I had to put on my little crew neck, my little hat, keep it kicking," said Reed.

Other students were also ready for those temps to jump up.

Some of the students over at Long Beach High School were a little more prepared than others. "It's really cold outside, but I'm really warm. I've got like 14 layers on," said Gatlin Williams.

Williams and her friends were actually glad to be back in school instead of racking up those extra days off. "We would have to make it up and come back during spring break, and that would not be fun," said Caprice Tillman.

Having just the one day to make up was enough for students at Biloxi High School as well.

"It's freezing, but I don't want to miss another day because they'll add on to the school year, so it's worth it," said Willie Robinson, a freshman at Biloxi High School.

With conditions looking to improve, all schools are expected to be back open across South Mississippi Friday.

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