Victim identified in fatal Moss Point shooting

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Police have identified 24-year-old Kellie R. Guy as the man whose body was found in Moss Point on Thursday.

Officials are currently looking for the suspect in this crime.

The victim was found inside a vehicle on Orange Grove Road on Thursday morning. Officers were responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle near the old Ed Mayo Junior High School.

The incident has one witness speaking up and the chief of police pleading with residents to help.

Harold Narcisse saw something and made sure to notify authorities. "I saw the car back there and called the police," he said. "I was driving back there to see what was going on and I got stuck in the mud."

Narcisse said he is always on the lookout. "I always check it out, or whatever, because I've got young kids."

He said the empty buildings should be taken down. "We got a lot of grounds and just schools and stuff that's old, abandoned," he said. "People just break in them and do whatever: smoke dope, do whatever back there."

Despite this, he said he's not going to leave. "I ain't leaving because people want to be stupid," he declared.

The victim suffered a gunshot wound, and police are treating this case as a homicide.

This is the fifth shooting in four months  in the area east of Highway 63.

Police Chief Calvin Hutchins said he grew up in this neighborhood. "I sympathized with the people who have been living in that area for years," he said.

Hutchins said he believes people who do not live in the area are the ones committing the crimes. He said his officers are doing everything they can, but they still need help.

"In order for us to stop these things from happening, we have to work together as a community," he said. "This is the time right now, if you see something, you have to say something. Enough's enough."

If you have any information that could help investigators, call the Moss Point Police Department at (228) 475-1711. You may also report a tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling (800) 787-5898 or visiting the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers website at

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