Harrison County has new tool to deal with icy roads

Harrison County has new tool to deal with icy roads

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - It's been a hard day's commute along roads and highways for some in South Mississippi.

There have been countless vehicular accidents- mostly involving one vehicle and minor.

An icy Interstate 10 had its share of victims.

"I'm on my way from Florida to California for a new job," said Craig Greatman. "And I have to get there by Saturday."

He said he was only going 30 miles an hour on I-10 late this morning.

"I have a trailer. I just hit a slick patch and lost control pretty quickly. Thank God my wife and daughters are not in the truck with me."

Dangerous road conditions were a hazard all over Harrison County, including back roads like West Wortham Road. But fortunately, Harrison County has a new tool to help combat dangerous and icy roads.

It's called a tailgate spreader, and it tosses out salt that melts the ice creating safer roads to travel on.

The tool has proven to be a smart move. The county purchased five of them and a trailer full of salt about a month ago.

Everything cost between seven and eight thousand dollars.

"And right now, we're kind of glad we did that because we're using it a good bit," said County Road Manager Russell Weatherly.

Weatherly says the tool has a lot of benefits, including speed.

"We can cover more ground with a spreader in the back of a pickup truck versus riding around in a tractor doing 20 miles an hour," Weatherly said.

He added that trouble spots have been treated along most of the 820 miles of county roads, including the long stretch of Interstate 110.

Weatherly says salt is a much better treatment than sand.

"The sand is only after the fact," he said. "It doesn't dissolve anything, it just provides traction on top of the ice. Then you have to handle it twice because you have to go back and remove it."

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