Singing River Electric, Coast Electric experiencing 'critical shortage of electricity'

Singing River Electric, Coast Electric experiencing 'critical shortage of electricity'

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Singing River Electric and Coast Electric are both now experiencing a critical shortage of electricity.

Officials with both electric cooperatives tell WLOX News Now their systems are overloaded because the extremely low temperatures have people using more electricity. That's causing a major strain on the electrical systems.

They are asking all Coast Electric and Singing River Electric members to turn their heaters down to 68 degrees and to turn off all non-essential lighting, appliances, and electronics. This does not apply to anyone with medical conditions that need to maintain a certain temperature in their home.

If this situation does not improve, the next step will be to enact rolling blackouts. If this happens, members will begin to lose power on a rotating basis until the systems can catch up.

We also checked with Mississippi Power, where company officials say everything is going smoothly.

"Mississippi Power's generating plants and power delivery system are performing well and meeting our customers' needs this morning. We have been monitoring the forecast and our generation, transmission and distribution teams are prepared to respond as needed to Winter Storm Inga," said Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard. "As conditions improve and temperatures warm up, any strain on the system will be reduced."

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