Justice Diaz Indicted On Tax Evasion Charges

More legal problems today for state supreme court justice Oliver Diaz Jr. Diaz is now accused of income tax evasion. The indictment was unsealed Monday. It includes three tax charges against Judge Diaz, and his ex wife Jennifer. They are accused of reporting taxable income in 1999 way below what it actually was. The other two charges accuse them of evading taxes in the years 2001 and 2002.

Just three days ago, Justice Diaz was found not guilty of all charges he faced in the long running judicial bribery case in Jackson. Although we were unable to reach Justice Diaz, we did speak with his father, Oliver Diaz, Sr. He told us "When is enough, enough. These are bogus charges and we will get through it." Justice Diaz's attorney, Robert McDuff told us, ''This has gone from prosecution to persecution. This is one of the dangers when unchecked federal power is not exercised responsibly. I am disappointed that the federal government did not respect the jury's verdict and instead is continuing its reckless pursuit of an innocent man."

You may recall the tax evasion charge against Jennifer Diaz was already made public, and she agreed to plead guilty to one of the three charges in exchange for her cooperation in the judicial bribery trial. She will be sentenced September 13th. These new charges against Justice Diaz would certainly appear to put his hopes for a quick return to the state supreme court in jeopardy.