Waveland says goodbye to Cindy Lombardo

Waveland says goodbye to Cindy Lombardo

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Cindy Lombardo made her mark on the city of Waveland with her never-ending drive to give back in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The city is now mourning the loss of its adopted daughter. Cindy Lombardo died after a battle with cancer. She was 63 years old.

"They adopted us." said Waveland resident Kathy Pinn.  "We became a sister city to them. They came like the second week after the storm. They came, everything was horrible, there was no place to stay."

Pinn was ready to work with volunteers, and her friendship with Cindy was almost instant.

"She did things in ways that most people don't, they don't get as intimate with people as she did," said Pinn. "We were at her home and she made us feel like we were family."

Lombardo, a Massachusetts native, stepped in to a devastating situation in Waveland and got to work.

"Cindy came in, and it was like, I said she brought us hope," Pinn said.c"She shared her life. She shared her resources and she gave love."

Pinn recalls a conversation with Lombardo, when she asked how she was able to give so much.

"She said, 'Kathy, my mother said when you have things you have to share them with other people,'" Pinn remembers.

She says the bonds Lombardo created in Waveland will live on for many years, not only because of the work she did, but because of who she was.

"Cindy would take the time, here we are in crisis, she's in hospice," Pinn said. "They're dealing with serious family issues, all kind of things. She took the time to call me and she has instilled that in her children."

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