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Churches hand out food and water to JPS families

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With Jackson Public Schools delayed a week longer than expected due to water shortages, many say they're worried that some students aren't getting a well balanced meal or being fed -- at all.

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So they're stepping in to help.

Some JPS students say they've been using the extra few days off as an opportunity to have more fun.

"I rode on my brother's four wheeler," said 1st grader Cloven Martin.

But for parents it been a different story.

They say the last few days have been more stressful than usual as they watched not only the pipes in their homes run low or dry, but the shelves of their pantries as well.

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"Many families were saying that the kids, of course, want to eat all day long," said MS Food Network organizer Dannie White. "Or at least three balanced meals, so they were running out of food within two or three days."

To help those students and families that qualify for free or reduce lunches get back on their feet, churches and organizations like Parkview Church of Christ passed out boxes filled with food and water.

"It's a number of canned food," White explained. "Some of it's meat food and majority of it's vegetable food that we are providing in a can."

White says the group met their limit of providing for 110 families within the first hour and that families had to be turned away once that limit was reached.

According to the Mayor's office, there have been 143 confirmed water main breaks since January 1.

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Repairs to 101 of those have been successfully completed with an additional 16 being repaired. Twenty six breaks had not been assigned to city or contractor crews.

And six leaks reported by citizens calling the city's 311 Action Line had not been confirmed.

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