Millions of dollars in new projects going up in Gulfport

Millions of dollars in new projects going up in Gulfport
Millions of dollars in new developments are sprouting along Cowan Lorraine Road in Gulfport. (Source: WLOX)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport city leaders say millions of dollars in new developments are going up along Cowan Lorraine Rd.

Greg Pietrangelo with Gulfport Urban Development says builders are taking notice of how heavily trafficked the corridor is.

"What we've got going on, what we typically call the island between the bridges, between the Kramer bridge and the Seaway Bridge," said Pietrangelo. "We've got $7.5 million worth of development going on. I'm happy developers have the faith they have in Gulfport, if they spend money here, know they'll get a return."

He says he's excited for the growth he's seeing and for the high quality of the projects in the works.

"North of the Seaway Bridge, there's a brand new Racetrac gas station coming along," said Pietrangelo. "It's a $5.5 million development, at the corner of Highway 605 and Intraplex."

Pietrangelo also says a large new dentist office, with the option for a manicure or pedicure while you get your teeth cleaned, is going up at Old Lorraine Road and Highway 605.

"You've got the Theresa Jones Clinic, which alone is more than half of the $7.5 million," he explained. "You've got Negrotto's moving from Biloxi to Gulfport and building out around Run and Tri and the church. You've also got three new subdivisions developed just this year."

Two projects are beginning to take shape right now, he says, with more grand openings on the way.

"Anytime in the next ten months, we'll see grand openings," Pietrangelo noted.

Pietrangelo says he and his colleagues are thrilled to see many of the new projects building up vertically and hope for more of the same in the future. He also says within the last ten months, $12 million has been invested into projects along the entire Cowan Lorraine corridor.

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