Online shipping delays spark last-minute Mardi Gras shopping

Online shipping delays spark last-minute Mardi Gras shopping

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Extreme weather conditions across the country are causing a shipping delay for people who opted to buy their Mardi Gras costumes and accessories online.

Since the start of the new year, mudslides and wildfires have taken place in California while massive snow storms rock the East Coast. Under these circumstances, postal services have slowed down their delivery process.

A store in downtown Biloxi may be the solution to their problem.

"So they come to us as their hope and savior, and we'll have costumes for them similar to the ones they ordered, if not even the exact ones they ordered," said Rickey Shows, a store manager at Josette's costumes shop in Biloxi.

For 46 years, people have been coming to the store for their Carnival costume needs, and it's no surprise.

"It's a rush at the last minute, but in most cases, we can help them out," replied Shows.

As they combed through racks for masks, gloves or whatever else to complete their costumes, some customers said it was better to be safe than sorry come the day of the ball and parade.

"I'm getting things just in case the Amazon order doesn't come in," said Marc Sivori, who needs three separate costumes for this year's holiday.

Kristi Smith was relieved to buy the last pair of white gloves for the ball she's going to.

"When I was told that these were required, I knew to check Josette's. So I came down here quickly because I'd heard that they sell out pretty quickly. I came at the right time," said Smith.

Timing is a big deal. The store may not be bustling in the early hours, but workers say that can all change in a matter of moments.

"You'll have one or two women come in and buy something for an entire krewe, or we'll have a bus load of people from an entire krewe, come in and shop the entire length of a work day and then leave," said Shows.

Josette's also sells Halloween costumes. When asked how the two holidays differ, the store manager said that while more people buy their costumes the week of Halloween, the demand for Mardi Gras costumes is year-round.

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