Friendly Saints vs. Vikings competition turns into a learning experience

Friendly Saints vs. Vikings competition turns into a learning experience

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The spirit is on at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Elementary School in Biloxi.

It's the Saints versus the Vikings.

But the fan support is a little lopsided here. Principal Sister Mary Jo Mike is one of only a few wearing purple.

"Supporting our New Orleans Saints is a natural for most people," she said. "But, because I'm a native of Minnesota, I'm a die-hard Vikings fan."

Most people at the school knew that, but began pushing back as she began to decorate.

"As I put Vikings things down Saints things were appearing too."

Then, the war was on.

"I was very angry," student Emma Theobald said with a smile. "But we ignored it."

Ezra Riojas said it didn't bother him – too much.

"My first reaction was I want to put up Saints decorations where ever I can."

The Saints fans are vocal.

"Now they're finally going back to the Saints, other than the Aints," said student Landon Baxter. "This season, they've been doing good, good, good. And we're finally, like, yeah!"

But there's more to this exercise than fun.

"I think it also helps them to understand how to support a cause or a team, and how to support that team without downing the other group," said Sister Mary Jo.

Lesson learned.

"She's a Vikings fan and we're Saints fan," said student Jackson McHarg. "We don't want to call them like, loser, or anything like that. We want to support the team."

Landon added: "You still root for your team but not like, 'Boo Vikings all the way.' Just, like, 'Yeah, if the Vikings win, good for them.'

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