Prayer breakfast kicks off MLK Day events on the Coast

Prayer breakfast kicks off MLK Day events on the Coast

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday and celebrations are already beginning across the coast to honor the life of the slain civil rights leader. Friday morning in Waveland, a prayer breakfast was held to kick off the weekend of memorial events.

A congregation of several different churches met at Mount Chapel Baptist to reflect on King as an openly spiritual man who would constantly point to a divine influence for the inspiration of his message.

"Dr. King was a representative of Jesus Christ. His design, his life, was centered around doing things the way that Christ has taught us to do it," said Arthur Clementin, who helped organize the prayer meeting.

The time was dedicated to reflecting on the meaning behind what King was trying to get across. It's a message that Bishop Adell Whitenburg said is just as valid today as it was when King made his famous speech.

"Dr. King said something that always stood with me. He said most men sleep through the revolution. Right now, we're having a revolution in our country and you can see it manifesting every day, and if we don't have the leadership to walk in power and demonstrate on how to respect one another we're going to have a lot of chaos in our country," said Whitenburg.

According to Whitenburg, if people would look past their differences, like King hoped would one day happen, this world would be a better place. That's the school of thought that Tony Rivolo subscribes to.

"I love everybody. You're my brother whether you're black, white, or yellow. And that's the way we all should feel," said Rivolo.

As he thinks toward this time of reflection on King's work as a civil rights leader almost 50 years after his assassination, Rivolo hopes it will still have an impact on the world.

"We should keep pastor King's message alive and going on," said Rivolo. "Maybe one day we'll all be one."

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