Police looking for two men suspected of Long Beach car burglaries

Police looking for two men suspected of Long Beach car burglaries

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Long Beach Police are looking for a pair of suspects responsible for stealing from several vehicles over the weekend.

"It's a real quiet neighborhood and a real quiet street," said Long Beach resident Sandra Linhoss. "When a car goes up and down the street you know it."

Unknown to Linhoss, on Sunday, thieves were creeping around her Pittman Dr. neighborhood in Southeast Long Beach.

Police Lt. Patrick Craig said four vehicles had items taken from them including a gun and a credit card.

Craig says after the card was stolen, it was used at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Gulfport.

"Based off the receipt we were able to get from Walmart, we used that receipt, got the time, looked at the cameras and that's our suspects," Craig said.

Police are now looking for two men believed to be responsible for the burglaries.

Linhoss said this was nothing new, recalling several years ago when a gun stolen from her husband's truck.

"We had left a pickup open and we noticed the door was open," Linhoss said.

According to Craig car burglaries are reported routinely and patrol officers are always looking for potential thieves during the late night hours. Craig said there is a simple way to make sure your things aren't snatched.

"All they're doing is walking by and flipping door handles," said Craig. "If a door is unlocked they go in the door and take whatever they can."

From personal experience, residents on Pittman Dr. have learned the importance of locking their car doors.

"It's easy to do to leave unlocked, but you really just need to pay attention," Linhoss said.

If you think you know anything about these burglaries call Long Beach Police at 228-863-7292 or Crime Stoppers at 877-787-5898.

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