Waveland PD takes close look at traffic signage

Waveland PD takes close look at traffic signage

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Where can we improve?

That's the question the Waveland Police Department is seeking to answer as it takes a close look at traffic signage in the city.

"Just basically allow us to see if there's a better way of doing things. See if we can help traffic congestion problems. Help out any spot that might have accidents or speeding issues."

Police Chief David Allen says the study is routine. He said it's not in response to any specific traffic issues, but simply an effort to determine the effectiveness of stop signs, speed limit signs, and other traffic signals, which hasn't been done in years.

"We're going to look at high-ticket areas, you know, places where people tend to speed. We're going to see if maybe we can help slow people down by either repositioning signs or putting more signs out. And we're just hoping in general to make the city a safer place," Allen said.

Recently, the city purchased this radar traffic sign. It collects data on speeders. Allen says they'll be using that data, along with results from the study, and complaints from the community to determine where changes could be made.

Drivers say they think the study is a good idea.

"You have to keep reviewing things. Because the population changes, things change. Businesses move. Businesses go up in different places," said Janice Morgan.

Allen said the study is one of the ways the department continues to serve the community.

"We try to focus and tighten the bolts a little bit. Just do what we do better," Allen said.

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