WLOX Editorial: It's time for Mississippi to have a lottery

WLOX Editorial: It's time for Mississippi to have a lottery

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Mississippi and Alabama are among only a few states with no state lottery. The likelihood of a lottery passing our state legislature this year seems to be greater than ever.

Those arguing in favor of a state-run lottery contend far too many Mississippi dollars are being spent on lotteries in the neighboring states by those crossing the state line for a chance at millions.

A lottery here could keep those ticket buyers and their money in Mississippi and help fund education and infrastructure. It could mean $100 million in annual revenue for the state.

There are arguments against gambling of any kind. There is concern that people who can least afford to lose their money will play. On the other side, the state is facing big needs for infrastructure and education funding. The argument could be made that tax payers have no choice but to pay if taxes are increased, while those who buy lottery tickets have a choice to play or not.

In both cases, the state gets the revenue. We think it is a good idea for Mississippi to join most of the rest of the nation to create a state lottery with money earmarked for education and infrastructure.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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