Gulfport school experiments with alternative to homework

Gulfport school experiments with alternative to homework

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Bayou View Elementary School third grade student Lexi Haugen has a good understanding of what homework is designed to do.

"We have work that helps us bring our grades up and it helps us learn what we're learning in class," Lexi said.

Last week, on the first day back from winter break when it was time for Lexi to do her homework, she instead gave her mother Amanda Haugen a letter.

"She came home Thursday saying she didn't have homework and brought out this letter it was definitely a shock," said Haugen.

Bayou View Elementary's decision to put homework on hold temporarily for third graders during the third quarter of the school year was a relief for Amanda.

"She has had many meltdowns over homework and I think that having a lower stress load is going to help her," Haugen said.

The letter sent home to parents said research has been unable to prove if homework increases student performance. However, just because there's no required homework doesn't mean teachers don't want students like Lexi to not do any school work at home.

"If we want to we can read for 20 or 30 minutes," Lexi said.

The students are also encouraged to focus on completing IReady and ST Math lessons at home. Those are primarily on the computer and meant to be a fun way of learning.

One of the biggest lessons Lexi and her mom are discovering is just because they're getting a homework break doesn't mean a break in learning.

"Now that she doesn't have to do it she understands the importance of it that learning doesn't stop at school," Haugen.

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