South Mississippi Will Be Well Represented In Game Show

It seems like it was just yesterday when the Wheel Mobile pulled into town at the Isle of Capri in Biloxi.

"I went along with my mother-in-law, she asked me to go. Had no expectations of making it on stage, I was just her support, and I was the second name called that day in the first session, so we were both shocked," said Krissy Garlotte.

And here's Krissy running to the stage.

Now, this registered nurse at Gulfport's Memorial Hospital, is running all the way to New Orleans as an official Wheel of Fortune contestant.

She received the call Thursday afternoon.

"I thought this is a joke. It's one of my friends, but as soon as I realized it wasn't a joke, I was excited. I think I was jumping up and down in my kitchen," said Garlotte.

She, along with about 60 others, was chosen to go to New Orleans about two weeks ago for the final auditions.

The pool was narrowed down to about 25, and since then, she has been sitting on pins and needles.

"They told us that day, they said we're not gonna tell y'all today if you're gonna be on the show. If we decide to use you for the New Orleans tapings, we'll call you two weeks before the tapings, and if we decide to have you come to L.A., we'll send you a letter by the end of August. So I was really hoping for the New Orleans taping," said Garlotte.

Her wish came true, so now, it's time to spin that big wheel in front of a bigger audience, which will include her husband Aaron, and her two boys Blake and Lance.

"I'm just excited. I know not everybody gets this opportunity so I'm just thankful and hope I can come home with some big prizes or money or something," said Garlotte.

The tapings will be held August 26-28 at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.