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Mississippi arboretum looking for milkweed hunter-growers

Mississippi State University's arboretum is looking for gardeners who know where milkweed's growing wild and want to help monarch butterflies.

Crosby Arboretum director Pat Drackett hopes gardeners around Mississippi will both experiment with seed from local plants and send seeds to the arboretum. She notes that finding and growing local species can be a project for gardeners anywhere in the country.

It has to be native milkweed. In the U.S., tropical milkweed can disrupt migration patterns by prompting monarchs to spend the winter and lay eggs there, rather than continuing to Mexico for the winter.

Drackett says there are about 70 milkweed species, including 15 native to Mississippi. She's leading a Mississippi State University Extension Service project to find which are best for gardens in the state.

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