South Mississippians Sound Off About Rising Gas Prices

A year ago Wayne Cavalier would have been paying an average of a dollar 86 for a gallon for regular unleaded on a trip from his home in Florida to New Orleans.

But a year ago, he would have likely been driving a different car also.

"I had to borrow this car to make this trip because I drive a truck that gets 12 to 14 miles to the gallon, and I couldn't afford to pay it," says Cavalier.

Even what he can afford, hurts.

"25 dollars for 10 gallons," says Wayne.

The latest spike has South Mississippi gas prices hovering around 2 dollars and 41 cents a gallon, which is right in line with Triple A's national average, after a 10 cent jump in just the past month.

"It's killing us for sure," says Amber Lee of Long Beach. "Makes me want to ride a bike."

Harvey Cooper of Waveland filled up his RV just a few days ago and what a difference a few days make.

"It was 10 cents a gallon cheaper then," says Cooper. "It's gone up since Walmart, last Wednesday."

An increase that's dogging the patience of drivers and taking a big bite out their budgets.

"I'm burning a lot of gas in just a weeks time going to and from work," says Louis Simolke of Pass Christian.

There's plenty of blame to go around.

"It's Bush, Cheney, and the Republican Congess," says Donald Anderson of Diamondhead. "I think they're just good friends with the oil companies."

"These environmentalist, they don't want us to dill any place," says Armon Hills of Gulfport. "My God, we're just hurting ourselves."

And with the last major holiday of summer just around the corner, many are convinced the worst is yet to come.

"I believe it going to go up to probably 3 dollars the way they're going," says Jason Johnson of Kiln.

And for long distance travelers like Wayne Cavalier, that may be going just too far.

"I remember back when I first started driving I used to drive away from gas pumps when the price went over 30 cents a gallon."