Local Minority Business Owners Share Secrets To Success

For more than six years Sam Sabagh has owned and managed Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant in Ocean Springs.

" I was born in Lebanon and I came to go to college down here in 1969.And when I graduated the family owned a chain of restaurants, and I started working with the family After working 20 years with his family," says Minority Business Owner Sam Sabagh.

Sabagh deiced to give his own business a shot, despite those who said it would not be a success.

"Everybody told me it is going to be a bad move getting that location but I know if the people tried the food they were going to comeback again and again," says Sabagh.

Now Sabagh says the restaurant is experiencing great success "We started with serving about 50 people and now we serve 4 to 500 people," says Sabagh.

" I am a retired corporate executive I went back to sea school recently and got my captains license," says John Smith.

Minority business owner John Smith has also beaten the odds.

The one time company president is now the sole owner of his very own charter boat business.

"It took a lot of sticktutivness and that willingness and desire to want to be successful," says Smith.

But just because both men are a success now doesn't mean they've always had it easy.

"Rome was not built in a day so we have to start small but we have to start we have to put our foot in the water get wet and go for it," says Smith.

As far as advice for other minorities.

"If you fall one time you have to get up and start again don't quit and your going to succeed,"says Sabagh.

"Do not let obstacles get in your way. If something crops up in your way you figure out how to overcome that," says Smith.