Coast residents head to the border to try their luck at the lotto

Coast residents head to the border to try their luck at the lotto
Mississippi residents are pouring over the borders to Florida and Louisiana to snag lucky lotto tickets. (Source: WLOX)

SLIDELL, LA (AP) - The Powerball drawing is up to $570 million and South Mississippi residents are each hoping to be the lucky winner of the big jackpot. Residents from across the coast headed across state lines to Louisiana and Florida this week to try their luck at the lotto.

In Louisiana, lines were wrapped around the stores as people clamored to get a chance at millions. And many of those waiting were from the Magnolia State.

Bay Saint Louis resident William Washington says he, like many people he knows, would not miss the opportunity to play the Mega Millions and Powerball, with hundreds of millions of dollars up for grabs.

"All you going to see around here is Mississippi tags," said Washington. "I still have to travel this far to get the tickets for my mother, because she's 'lucky,' and she says she's going to win."

A winning ticket in Florida claimed last night's Mega Millions drawing for $450 million. Now, Gulf Coast residents are hoping to Louisiana is the lucky provider of Saturday night's winning Powerball ticket.

"They come from all over to get tickets here, even from Pearlington, which is right across, you can almost walk across the bridge, and get the tickets." said Washington. 

Although many people from Mississippi are on board with the idea of having a lottery for our state, there are some who have opposed the idea. However, Senator Brice Wiggins is co-sponsoring a bill that he says is gaining momentum in our state's legislature that would make a Mississsippi lotto a reality this year. He says it's a move that could mean more money pumped into the state's coffers.

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