Katrina-Era concrete slabs still a problem for Jackson County

Katrina-Era concrete slabs still a problem for Jackson County

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Nearly 13 years after Hurricane Katrina, people in Jackson County are still dealing with more than 80 concrete slabs left over from the storm.

"It's really depressing to still see this after a hurricane," said Glenn Gindlesperger, a homeowner in the St. Andrew subdivision of Ocean Springs.

Jackson County does not have a slab ordinance, so officials do not have the right to enter private properties and remove the slabs themselves.

Jeffrey Barlow, a county code enforcement officer, says the county has tried to get approval to step in a take over the properties, but to no avail.

"From my understanding we have tried to get that legislation passed, and it has failed both times we tried to push it through and this is the result of what you see today," said Barlow.

The slab owners still have property rights, even though many of them have moved to other states.

Despite their ownership, some of their neighbors are saying the slabs need to go.

"They're absolutely useless. You can't ever build on them again because across the street, they would have to build up, and the slabs would have to come out before anybody could do anything with them," said Gindlesperger.

Gindlesperger and another neighbor say the slabs are causing their property values to plummet, therefore pushing potential buyers away from the area.

"Somebody should step in and organize... make these people either improve their property, or maybe even convert it back to where it was before the slabs," said Turner, another Jackson County homeowner.

County Planning Committee members say the next step is to make one more push to get a slab ordinance passed so they can get rid of the problem.

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