What do motorcycles and George Ohr pottery have in common?

What do motorcycles and George Ohr pottery have in common?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art visitors are invited to take a wild ride through a brand new motorcycle exhibit.

The exhibition is titled Wind in Your Hair: Vintage Motorcycles.

So many things can be considered art, which is consistent with appreciating the ceramic Creations of Ohr. This latest exhibit is expected to add a fresh dynamic to the museum's aesthetic.

"On top of the fact that they're really fun and cool, they are like sculptural art. They're beautifully created machines and you can see the evolution through the years of the body frame, wheels, the paint and lights. It's an art form," said Curator Rhea Miner.

The vintage motorcycles were donated by collectors. The 20th century featured some incredible machines with recognizable names like Harley Davidson, Indian and BMW.

There is even a George Ohr connection to one historic piece: a 1908 Thor, the oldest bike in the museum.

"George Ohr actually rode a Thor motorcycle, somewhere between the 1908 and 1914 versions. George always claimed he had the first motorcycle in Biloxi," Miner said.

It's easy to imagine the thrill of hitting the road on one of these mechanical marvels, especially during a time when road machines were unique and taking the world by storm.

If you stop by the exhibit you'll see motorcycles with original accessories which makes them extremely rare and valuable.

"Some of these bikes are very expensive", according to Miner.

Wind in Your Hair: Vintage Motorcycles at the Ohr Museum through Feb. 24. For more information, visit https://www.georgeohr.org.

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