Jehovah's Witnesses Gather To Obey

Thousands of Jehovah's witnesses, making up about 40 congregations from Mississippi and Louisiana, are in South Mississippi for a three- day convention this weekend.

And this convention is more than fellowship.

"Our focus this weekend is making sure everything in our life, that we listen to what God says and we're obedient to what he says," said convention overseer Steve Cunningham.

Cunningham says obedience is the key to a long and happy life, and that obedience is being taught through Bible lessons as well as through people sharing their life experiences.

So when the convention wraps up Sunday afternoon, the hope is for all of these witnesses to go out and be a witness and example to others.

"We feel that witnesses came here determined to obey God, but this convention should impress more deeply in their hearts and minds to be sure they obey God in all of their life, in their family affects all of our life- our jobs, with our mates and with children. So more determined than ever, as we feel like this system that we're living in is getting worse with crime, families breaking up, our families and friends will be determined to completely obey God in everything," said Cunningham.

The convention resumes Sunday morning at 9:30 at the Coliseum, with a reenactment of the life of Timothy.

All of the sessions are free and open to the public.