Work Ongoing On Nationally Ranked South Mississippi Marinas

The city of Biloxi has accomplished much in the 2 year existence of the Mississippi Clean Marina program.

"The Point Cadet Marina on the point of Biloxi was designated yesterday," says Mike Walker, with the DMR's Coastal Zone Management Program. "We gave a certificate and a clean marina flag which will be flown at the Marina. Beau Rivage was the first marina last August 2004 and the Palace Resort Casino marina was designated in February of this year."

Furthering that clean marina mission was the focus of National Marina Day activities at Biloxi's Small Craft Harbor.

"Our target audience are the marina users the boat owners, and any passers by who are interested in marina activities," says Walker.

Folks like the Strayhams from Biloxi.

"I think all of us like to keep an eye on the environment around here," says Steve Strayhams. "You know do our part and keep things clean."

To those who use the marinas, the campaigns message is simple.

It's like good house keeping," says Walker. "Take care of your boat like you would take care of your house. You wouldn't throw litter about your yard because it would accumulate. We're doing the same thing with the water."

The Small Craft Harbor is in fact the only Biloxi Marina not yet flying the coveted clean marina flag.

"We're very close, extremely close," says City Port Manager Frank Duggan. "I would imagine, not too much longer just maybe a few months we'll be at the stage where we can put our practices in and become a clean marina."

A goal that Port manager Frank Duggan hopes sets the standard for future marina development.

You know we're building a lot on the coast today, says Duggan. "A lot more marina's are coming up and our environment is very important to us."