Shooting at bar in Biloxi has renewed pressure from police for owners to straighten up

Shooting at bar in Biloxi has renewed pressure from police for owners to straighten up

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi bar is under police scrutiny after a shooting last week. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller says his officers have responded to numerous fights, noise complaints and complaints of the conduct of patrons at the bar. Now - he is asking the business to straighten up.

A shooting last week at Sideways Sports Bar and Grill has renewed the pressure from Biloxi police for the business owners to gain control of the bar and some of its customers.

"A bar is a bar and a lounge is a lounge. And even lounge owners will tell you they are going to have some issues. And we expect that, but not to this extent," Biloxi Police Chief Miller said.

Chief Miller said the shooting last week is just one of over a hundred his department has received over two years at the bar.

"We've had fight calls there. We've had a lot of complaints from citizens about noise there and other businesses complain to us about the conduct of some of the patrons there," the Chief added.

In fact, Chief Miller said officers responded to so many calls last year that they issued an injunction and increased patrols in the area.

"I'm asking a judge to have them regulate their business in a manner that is conducive to being good neighbors and good citizens," said Miller.

According to the injunction from July of 2016 to November of 2016, there were 133 calls to the police department, over half of those calls resulted in arrests.

"It's uncommon for us to respond to a particular location so many times. We've really bent over backwards to try to give them the opportunity to try to get things right," said Miller.

Brandi Favre with Sideways Sports Bar and Grill gave this statement to WLOX News:

"The city's complaint was filed over a year ago and since that time Sideways has gone above and beyond to comply with the city's request and ensure the safety of our patrons. It was my understanding that the steps we had taken resolved the city's issues and that is why the matter never proceeded."                The injunction hasn't made it before a judge yet. Favre added they have increased security at the bar and they are cooperating with the city. No one was injured in that shooting last week and Biloxi police have not made any arrests in the incident yet."

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