Gulfport firefighters called to 4th fire in 3 days

Gulfport firefighters called to 4th fire in 3 days

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport firefighters were busy extinguishing another house fire Wednesday night. This is at least the fourth fire they've been called to since Monday.

Luckily, the house on Emerald Cove was empty and none of the firefighters called to the scene were injured.

Officials said this is a rental property, and was recently purchased by someone from out of the area.

Neighbor Pete Pretzch recently walked through the house about two weeks ago said it was filled with trash, like old sheets and pillows. That kind of flammable material could have helped the fire spread more quickly.

"It would take a large container to remove all the junk left inside there," Pretzch said.

Investigators aren't yet saying how the fire may have started or if there was evidence of squatters living inside.

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