Cold snap keeps plumbers busy

Cold snap keeps plumbers busy
(Source: WLOX)
(Source: WLOX)

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Another day of frigid temperatures, another broken pipe.

"This weather, it's just more calls coming in, coming in, coming in," said plumber Timothy Calderon.

This week's cold snap is keeping his schedule full 24/7.

"I mean, we're staying busy. Even on our days off, we get up and we go to work," he said.

Calderon is a plumber for Roto Rooter. They're getting dozens of calls every day to repair burst pipes like the one that caused problems on Louise Street in Biloxi.

"The water just broke and streamed on down the street," said resident Linda Conlee.

"Surprisingly, the freezing weather, hasn't really caused us a lot of extra work just cause we try to keep our customers informed as to what they should do to prevent us from having to come up and fix broken lines," said Richard Cox.

He says preventative measures can go a long way to keep this from happening.

"Any kind of pipes on the outside wall, like faucets, or lines running on the exterior of the house, we encourage them to wrap them with insulation and tape them well. And keep faucets dripping," he said.

Strong words of advice as the effects of Old Man Winter's visit to the coast could linger around.

"Every time you do a repair, or after it warms up, you end up finding out you've got a crack somewhere and a pipe and you got another leak and you just got to find that leak," said Calderon.

It could be a while before some plumbers see some free time.

"It happens when it happens and we just got to wait to see what the weather will reveal to us on it," he said.

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