Police looking for shooting suspects in Moss Point

Police looking for shooting suspects in Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Four months. Four shootings, all within a mile of each other on the east side of Highway 63 in Moss Point. Right now three of those investigations remain open.

The most recent occurred early Wednesday morning when, according to authorities, 28 year old Meco Brown was attacked by three men, who rushed him as he got out of his car.

"They immediately started firing shots at him," said Police Chief Calvin Hutchins. "He was able to run and escape from his assailants, but he was shot in the process."

Brown flagged down a passing vehicle, and that person was able to drive him to Singing River Hospital, where he was treated for three gunshot wounds to his lower body.

Hutchins credits a number of witnesses at the scene who were able to give some details about what happened.

"We were very fortunate this morning to have somebody on the scene that was able to speak with officers and give them an account of what took place," Hutchins said.

According to Hutchins, that's not typically the case in Moss Point, but that trend may be changing. Residents say they are worried every day for their families. Hutchins believes that is why some have begun speaking out when crimes happen.

" We need to stop this, and stop it now," said Hutchins. "This is something that this city is tired of. We're tired of hearing that someone is shooting in our town. I think this is why the witnesses were able to step up and speak with our officers."

While the chief believes arrests will be made in this case, as well as the other open investigations, he has a message for the people of Moss Point.

"This is 2018," he said. "This is a brand new year. We would hate to start our year off with someone, some people, who want to continue to hold animosity toward one another for whatever reason. I encourage them to put the guns down. Stop before some innocent person gets hurt."

If you have any information on any of these incidents, you're asked to call Moss Point Police 228-475-1711 or Coast Crimestoppers.

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