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WLOX Editorial: State lawmakers need to fund fixing our roads and bridges


Year after year we hear our state and local leaders talk about the demise of the state's roads and bridges. And year after year, there is never enough money to make significant headway on the problem. 

Some are suggesting that local governments be given the authority to levy a one or two cents local fuel tax with the revenue going strictly to road improvements. Adding a penny a gallon tax to gas and diesel may be very unpopular with most people who do not want to pay more at the pump. The theory is those who use the roads are the ones who should pay for the repairs through the gas tax. 

It's certainly not easy to decide how to pay for roads. But it is an important public safety and economic development issue for our state that needs to get resolved by our leaders. They were elected to make the tough decisions to solve this kind of problem. 

It's time for our leaders to allocate spending that includes major improvements in our transportation system.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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