Plane Wreckage Pulled From Waveland Home

Linda and Bill Myers watched nervously as a wrecker service pulled the mangled plane from their dining room.

"I can't believe our dining room door is still intact it's glass," Linda said.

After the debris was cleared, a tow cable dragged the plane out relatively easily. The plane slowly came out of the house, giving the couple a peek at the damage that was done.

"I pray to the Lord it didn't explode," she said.

Her husband, who was inside the house when the plane crashed, echoes that thought.

"It didn't hit me really until I walked to the back today and I could visually see just how close I was to the point of impact," Bill said. "That was scary."

Once the plane was removed, the couple got their first chance to survey the damage.

"I had two shelves and they just went 'kapooie.' Here's what's left of the China," Linda said.

"The living room area and dinning room area are pretty destroyed, but I think the rest of the house maybe okay," Bill said. "We'll count our blessings and move on everything that's damaged can be replaced. We'll get the house repaired and go on with our lives."