HVAC technicians work around the clock during cold snap

HVAC technicians work around the clock during cold snap

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - When the temperatures go down quickly like they have for the past couple of days, service calls go up just as quickly for the HVAC service industry.

Billy Reidy is a busy man, climbing into attics, tools in hand, working his magic to bring on the heat.

"I put in 16 hours yesterday and had a couple of guys helping me out and been going since 3am this morning," Reidy said.

Some customers realize now that waiting was not a good game plan. One of them is Joe Thomas.

"We have put it off just out of neglect and not thinking that we needed it, but Old Man Winter visited us," Thomas said.

And for Thomas, there was only one thing to do.

"We had a fireplace going and everything, but then it got down to about 56 this morning so we knew that it was time to do something. It was just way too cold."

Another home and another climb into an attic.  Inside, the thermostat says it all and homeowner Irvin Pierce took action.

"I went and bought a tower ceramic heater. My daughter had one and I knew it worked so I went and picked one up and put it in one bedroom and warmed it up, then put it in the other bedroom and warmed it up," Pierce explained.

After an hour of work, the heater works again, but these problems could persist for the duration of the cold snap, according to Reidy.

"A lot of heat strips are going out or breakers being tripped just from everybody else turning their heaters on too, getting some overload on the circuits."

When it's bone-chilling cold outside, the experts advise you to dress in layers. You know it's pretty cold inside your own home when you do the same thing.  Pierce knows that now.

"I've got a coat, I've got a vest, I got a shirt and another shirt, and when I left a while ago, I had another coat. I don't like cold weather."

HVAC technicians highly suggest you have your heating system checked and serviced before the next cold snap comes our way. That way you won't be caught unprepared.

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