Alabama fans head to the Sugar Bowl from the MS Gulf Coast

Alabama fans head to the Sugar Bowl from the MS Gulf Coast

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX/AP) - Dozens of Alabama fans took advantage of promotions to stay on the Mississippi Gulf Coast before heading to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans New Year's Day.

Fans were full of excitement as they boarded charter buses on Monday, bound for the Big Easy.

"I'm excited, we're ready to do this thing. Roll tide, baby," said Drew Skipper.

The fans took advantage of special casino packages.

They made the drive to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and let the bus driver handle the rest of the drive to and from the big game.

"This is the best transportation. Just get on the bus. Let them do the driving. Don't have to worry about parking or anything like that," said Wayne Hollis.

"Don't have to drive. Have a good time. Take us to French Quarters. Bring us back late at night. And hopefully, we win," said David Anderson.

It's a win for the fans - and a win for coast casino resorts. Some fans also enjoying what the coast has to offer.

It'll be an easy trip to New Orleans for these fans, and they're hoping an Alabama win will come just as easily.

"The atmosphere is always fun going to New Orleans, of course. But we're out for revenge this year, so feel good about it, and hope we do it. And head on to Atlanta," said Ryan Williams.

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