South Mississippians make final preparations for frigid weather

South Mississippians make final preparations for frigid weather

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - South Mississippians are making their final preparations ahead of a frigid new year.

Brian Johnson made sure to finish up some outdoor work in Gulfport.

"Right now I'm just trying to get my leaves up, just make sure everything is covered," Johnson said. "I just took my water hose in, make sure all the windows are tight and sealed and everything like that and just trying to make sure we have enough heat and everything."

Meanwhile in Biloxi, David Picard got his Christmas decorations taken down.

"Well first things first, I took down the Christmas lights so I don't have to do it in the freezing cold in three or four days," said Picard.

He's also made sure to protect his delicate plants and winterize his outdoor pipes.

"The water hoses, got all of the water out of it," said Picard. "Wrapped the faucets and put a little safety measure, a little foam thing over it to make sure the freezing weather doesn't get it in."

At the Popps Ferry dog park, owners had their pets out Saturday for one last play day before the cold.

"Depending on the dog, her dog he'll tell you when he wants to come inside," said Ian Stewart. "My dog Athos, he'll just go out and lay in the snow and roll around in the mud and the slush, he loves it."

Stewart is prepared to keep his dogs warm no matter what the mercury drops to.

"When it gets real cold, we'll put a vest on him that's got a shell layer that protects from water and then it has an insulator layer on it too," Stewart said. "For some dogs you can even put boots on them that just keep their paws warm and keep kinda snow and slush and mud out of them."

Picard says it's really just important to be smart about preparing before the weather turns, something many people had taken care of prior to the holiday weekend.

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