Crooked Letter Brewing Co. reopens with more options in store

Crooked Letter Brewing Co. reopens with more options in store
(Source: WLOX)
(Source: WLOX)

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Nearly a year after suspending operations on Government Street in Ocean Springs, Crooked Letter Brewery is back with a new look.

The brewery has opened a new location in St. Martin on Rose Farm Road.

"We moved locations," said owner Paul Blacksmith. "We amended our permit to where we're brewing for on-site consumption meaning that we're a brew pub."

Blacksmith is excited about the new building and hopes to eventually resume the full distribution of Crooked Letter brands.

"We have, in our plans, to produce the same 14 brands, plus we already have had two new beers on tap including a brand new kolsh and an Oktoberfest," Blacksmith said. "The Oktoberfest hit off so well that we blew the whole batch in a single night."

The new location has been open since December 22 and it's drawn in plenty of old faces, as well as some new customers, like Jeffery Overhulse, who is also new to the Coast.

"This is my first impression of any brewery in the area, so hopefully, the first impression is a lasting one," said Overhulse.

It's not just business as usual for Crooked Letter. Blacksmith says this time, the brewery will have two things no other brewery in Mississippi has.

"We will have a full bar here in the next couple of weeks and a kitchen," said Blacksmith. "So we'll be open every day 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. with food, a full bar, beer brewed right here with the same system we've been brewing with for five years."

Along with the food and drink options, the building includes several spaces for private events.

"We have 2,400 square feet of awesome tavern space now with a separate room specifically for private parties," Blacksmith said. "So you can book private parties here, weddings, anything like that, and it's completely broken off from the rest of the tavern."

The brewery will have a New Year's Eve party Sunday night with free admission. Blacksmith believes it will be a big hit.

"Nothing's changed. It's the same great recipes that we've always had, just bigger and better," he said. "We're going to have live entertainment, the game room, and it'll be a great time."

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