Keep your pets warm during winter weather

Keep your pets warm during winter weather

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With temperatures expected to dip later this weekend, people are going to be bundled up, but it's important not to forget your pets.

"Pretty much, everybody I know is bringing their dogs inside," said Jansen Cohoon, a dog owner at the Biloxi dog park.

Dogs, just like people in South Mississippi, aren't adapted to near freezing temperatures. That's why bringing them inside for the night is crucial.

James Cohoon's Siberian Husky, "Dexter", loves the cold, but his other dog, "Killer the Pomeranian"...not so much.

"With him, you have to be a little more careful, bringing him outside. He is a little bit more susceptible to the cold temperatures, cold weather, stuff like that. So we'll definitely bring him inside and make sure he has lots of water, can exercise and can get out when he needs to... but not leaving him out for too long, especially by himself," said Cohoon.

As the day went on other dog owners, like Lauren Sealy, came to the park with their game plan already in action.

"She gets cold really easily. She's just a shivering dog," said Sealy

Sealy's Italian Greyhound, Aubie, was wearing a thick sweater that won't be coming off until warmer weather comes around again.

"She's had sweaters ever since she was a baby and they actually help out a lot in the morning when it's cold. It doesn't get cold here very often, but when it does she definitely needs one," said Sealy.

When the time comes to take your pooch out one last time, you should be mindful that their paws stay warm and dry. Dogs can get sick just like their humans.

"Normally potty breaks in the cold don't last very long. So she'll run out and get as close as she can to the door and use the restroom and run back inside," replied Sealy.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot bring your dog inside, the Humane Society recommends that you make sure they have a warm, insulated shelter, and to keep an eye on them and their water bowls so it doesn't freeze.

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