State Representative hears residents' concerns at town hall meeting

State Representative hears residents' concerns at town hall meeting
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OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (AP) - State Representative Hank Zuber now has new concerns to take back with him to Jackson for the next legislative session.

Zuber hosted a town Hall meeting in Ocean Springs on Thursday night.

Ocean Springs bus aid Bobby Styron says he wanted to speak up at the meeting because the safety of his passengers is his number one priority.

"About a month and a half ago we had 62 people run our stop arms in one week," said Styron. "The same spot two different times, the driver was out loading a wheel chair, I happened to be on the bus, and couldn't do anything about it.  So I immediately tried to file a charge, and they wouldn't let me because of the way the law reads. I started contacting the legislators, Hank Zuber, and a bunch of others, I think I sent 20 or 30 emails."

Zuber says hearing issues like these is exactly why he hosts the event.

"Campaign finance reform came from a town hall meeting.  Trying to get the support, and the statewide push, for restricting the passage of general legislation to every other year, begins here," said Zuber.

Ocean Springs resident Kacee Waters says she also appreciates the chance to make her concerns known.

She wants Mississippi state to be able to enforce Nathan's law, designed to make vehicles stop for school buses when loading or unloading, in a more inclusive manner.

"Only a few of the words in the law need to be changed," Waters mentioned.

She hopes hoping to see changes in the next legislative session, and Zuber says he'll look into making that a reality.

"I think it makes sense, I don't think reporting needs to be limited to just the bus driver, and the assistant," said Zuber. "Any one else on the bus, if they see someone that has run or passed a stop sign on the bus, I think he or she should be able to report it."

Other items discussed in the town hall included concerns over the state flag, Medicaid, and the coast receiving money from the BP oil spill.

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