What's on your New Year's Day plate?

What's on your New Year's Day plate?

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Preparations are underway for another holiday weekend. And just like with Christmas, there are some big food traditions that come along with it.

People are heading to their supermarkets and grocery stores all over the coast getting their pantries stocked for the big weekend ahead. And grocery stores are doing what they can to make the prices right. Deals are popping up for black-eyed peas, cabbage, pork, and all of the traditional foods.

For many people, the new year just wouldn't be kicked off on the right foot without the special meal that is said to bring good fortune.

"Have to do it," one shopper said. "I'm superstitious, so I have to be black-eyed peas. I have to do some sort of greens, and usually have some sort of pork to go with it. It's the third big meal of the season."

"Listen, it's a tradition. We have to eat this cabbage. We have to have these pork chops," Margerie Favre said. "You can ask my husband. He can tell you 20 years from now what he's going to be eating New Year's dinner."

"We do it at my grandparents' house every year," Walter Tinzy said. "My grandparents are 75 and 70 years old so this is been a long tradition. We do the black-eyed peas, cabbage greens."

These shoppers say they're looking forward to the fresh start of a new year, and hopefully, they'll be welcoming it in with a full belly.

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