Fireworks stands popping up for New Year's Eve

Fireworks stands popping up for New Year's Eve

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Before the fireworks can ring in the New Year Holly Davignon and the staff of Wild Pete's are busy filling their tent on Canal Road.

"It's a lot of work, it's a full day, a good 24 hours unloading and loading," Davignon said. "It's a backbreaker."

The hard work comes twice a year and is designed around making sure everybody has their favorites on Fourth of July and New Year's.

"Your little popping snappers are a big seller for little kids, smoke balls, firecrackers, and sparklers," Davignon said.

On the south side of I-10 on Canal Road Tammy Ball is putting the finishing touches on her firework stand called Fireworks Empire. Ball and her husband have been setting up stands like this for three decades.

"I've seen children grow up, they've been coming here for 30 years at the same location and now they're adults and that means a lot to me," Ball said.

Ball and her husband have designed and produced their own brand of fireworks including "Autumn Rain", named after their granddaughter.

"It's a lot of colors, 33 shots, so it lasts a long time, it has a lot of different colors and effects," Ball said. "It fits Autumn's personality, she's a little firecracker."

The firework stands have to pass a fire marshal's inspection before they're allowed to open. When they start selling later this week the operators of Wild Pete's and Fireworks Empire know business success will come down to one big factor.

"Weather has a lot to do with it," Davignon said.

"Last year it rained a lot, so it was really hard," Ball said. "So hopefully this year it will be better."

To find out what the specific rules are for shooting fireworks in your neighborhood, call your local police or sheriff's agency.

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