Pavement spells relief for some in East Biloxi

Pavement spells relief for some in East Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A traffic headache in Biloxi has gotten a little relief in the form of pavement. It's all part of the multi-million dollar, multi-year project north of the railroad in East Biloxi. The most recent roads to be torn up included a section of Division Street that's usually pretty well-traveled.

Part of the street was just repaved, but some people say it's too late.

"I've been through two sets of tires already," said Curtis Ezell, who drives through the mess to work almost every day. He said the road construction is causing him major problems.

"It's rough. My truck, you can hear it rattle in the front end. I can shake the wheel. It's about to fall off," said Ezell.

Some of the most recent work has torn up the street in front of Desporte and Sons Seafood. Many of the customers here are ready for change, but some say they understand.

"It's a long time coming. But, it's here now, so we have to deal with what's here. A lot of people are complaining about what happened in the past. But let's look forward to the future for Biloxi," said Billy Daniels while waiting on his order at Desporte.

Frank Menna with Desporte says business hasn't been great as a result of the construction.

"It's been hard to deal with, slowed us down a little bit, but they've made progress over the past few weeks," said Menna.

The pavement just went down before the weekend.

"Well that's a Christmas present for them," laughed Clifton Black, a frequent customer.

Black often drives over from Gulfport and is ready to see a finished product on the big sewage and street overhaul.

"It's an inconvenience for the businesses over here. So, maybe they'll get it together," he said.

The finished product couldn't get here soon enough for Menna and the folks at Desporte.

"Definitely going to be worth it in the end. Look how great and clean it's going to be when they get done. It's going to help business drastically," said Menna.

Until then, patience will be the name of the game for the company and its customers. According to the contractor, Oscar Renda, upcoming work on several streets south of Division could create closures for six to eight weeks. These include Porter Avenue and Querens Street.

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