Rescuers spend Christmas Eve searching for pregnant pup

Rescuers spend Christmas Eve searching for pregnant pup
The flyers for the missing pregnant black lab. (Photo Source: WLOX)

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Dog rescuers in the Bay St. Louis-Waveland community are asking the public to lend a helping hand this holiday season to help them find a runaway pup.

However, they don't want you to catch it or even approach it. They're simply trying to track it's radius.

Instead of wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, Kathleen Johnson and Allison Paine were out hanging up fliers searching for a missing pup.

"She's a black lab, with a very low belly right now and on her right foot there's a little patch of white," Johnson said.

The story's not that simple. The dog, who is nameless, is a feral stray and was rescued in Louisiana by the group Save a Lab.

"She was gonna be euthanized while she was pregnant belly full of puppies. The animal control officer didn't want to put her down, so they called us in to save her," Paine said.

They brought her to Mississippi to be fostered, but then she got away.

"The dog ran to the fence, scaled the fence and got over the fence, as pregnant as she is," Johnson said.

Four days later, they were out continuing their massive hunt around the Bay St. Louis-Waveland area to find her.

"We've tracked her from Bayside all the way over to Jordan River Bridge at the old cage. She's been back and forth between the two spots for four days, so she's really traveling,"Johnson said.

She's also ready to pop.

"She's in a real bind and we just need to help her come home," Johnson said.

Trackers are unavailable during Christmas weekend, so they're relying on the community to track her whereabouts to keep her safe until they can get her.

Professional trackers wont be out to get her until at least Tuesday.

They're asking if you do spot her, do not make eye contact or try to call for her or catch her. Instead, call Kathleen Johnson at (228) 254-0284 with the location you spotted to the dog.

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