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Long Beach Parents Learn About Managing Teens

For a man who makes a living talking to parents about raising children, John Rosemand has a surprising assessment about professional experts like himself.

"People have received so much confusing advice concerning the raising of children from people like me over the last 50 years," says Rosemand. "I think we're the problem. We mental health professionals."

But Rosemand vows to counter all that bad advice with solutions he says are simple and effective.

That's my mission as I crisscross the country doing this sort of thing," says Rosemond. "It's to restore common sense, some traditionalism, some sanity, and clarity more than anything else to the subject of child rearing."

Hundreds of Long Beach residents turned out to hear and learn from the best selling author and columnist, at a free program presented by the Long Beach Substance Abuse Task Force.

"We wanted someone who would speak directly to the parents and the issues that they need to deal with that will help their children," says Task Force Executive Director Carolyn Anderson. 

Parents like Angie Johnson, who lost her teenage son to a drug overdose.

"It's very hard to keep up and there's so many new things coming out, and by having something like this, we're all here we can talk about it and we can share and see what's out there and how we can help each other," says Johnson.

And parents like father of five Glenn Mueller, who was drawn by the title of Rosemonds lecture and latest book Teen Proofing.

"I think managing teens might be an oxymoron," jokes Mueller. "I don't know if that's possible but I'm here to learn."

But Rosemond insists it is possible.

"It means being a staunch model and advocate for and enforcer of good values," says Rosemond.

And he says it's necessary, to keep young people walking the strait and narrow.

by Don Culpepper

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