Harrison County Deputies replace stolen bikes

Harrison County Deputies replace stolen bikes

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Social media, local law enforcement and a community of quick thinkers are to thank for the recovery two children's stolen bikes.

Savannah and Christopher Ferrill are your typical kids. They like going outside and playing with their friends and riding their bikes.

On Thursday morning, something happened that a parent never wants to say to a child.

"We were asleep, and my friend spent the night," said Savannah. "In the morning, my mom came to us and said whoever was in our yard last night, they took our bikes."

Their father, Larry Ferrill was out of town for work. He was the next to get the call from his wife.

"My wife called me saying she had moved the kids bikes out of the yard and put them up closer to the house and come to find out woke up the next morning and the bikes were stolen," he said.

That's when Kellie Ferrill decided to take to social media. "She posted it on Facebook, put some pictures on there just to try to give the people that share the page with her a little notification to be on the lookout," Ferrill said.

It wasn't long before the Harrison County Sheriff's office stepped up to save the day.

"We had some leftover bikes from the Christmas Star program," said Captain Craig Necaise. "So I was able to go get a few of those bikes and take them to Academy Sports. Academy was generous enough to swap those out and we were actually able to get the exact bikes that were stolen from the kids and go give them back to them."

That act of kindness went a long way with the family and the community.

"I was happy and glad that they were good people and replaced them," Christopher said.
"Happy because sometimes stuff like that doesn't happen," said Savannah. "And the officers, they were really nice and thoughtful."

For Necaise it's just part of serving the community.

"They were pretty happy about it," Necaise said. "That's what it's all about, giving to the kids and making that lasting impression showing that our community's all one."

The impression it made on the family was a big one.

"I'd say that they are really nice people and I'm glad that there are people like that in the world," said Savannah.

The bikes were part of the sheriff department's first Christmas Star program, in which they handed out toys and gifts to needy families in the county.

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