Holiday travelers pack the roads before Christmas

Holiday travelers pack the roads before Christmas

MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It's one of the year's busiest travel weekends, which means the roads and highways in South Mississippi are going to be packed.

People from all across the country made stops to gas stations and welcome centers to refuel before hitting the road all over again.

"There's been a little bit of traffic, more so than normal when we come this way all through Florida, but it really got heavy when I hit the Mobile Causeway and then once I hit the Mississippi line, traffic actually came to a stop," said one driver.

Other travelers, like Derek Cadzow, said they didn't run into any slow downs on their journey. He and his wife spent nearly seven hours in their SUV before stopping at the Jackson County Welcome Center.

"We'll we're traveling from North Carolina down to Houston to see my daughter and her family, so I'm thankful for the good weather and the fact that most people are being good on the roads today, the traffic is not too bad," said Cadzow.

License plates from coast to coast were easy to spot at the pumps, but as people got out to stretch their legs, Coast gas prices were a nice holiday surprise.

Jay Fjellman has been driving his diesel truck from Washington State for the last four months. He hasn't seen prices this low at any other place on his journey.

"Gas prices I think have been pretty good, I mean I think as reasonable in this state here. Florida is a little higher."

Freddy Bolina had a minivan packed with Christmas goodies. He's from Puerto Rico but his family is in Texas.

"We've been traveling since this morning at 5 AM. We got up in Orlando, and now we're here. I believe we have a few more hours left before we get to Texas, but we're going to be in Texas to spend time with the family for the holidays," said Bolina.

MDOT has suspended all highway construction and road work until after the new year, so drivers shouldn't be worried about being slowed down.

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