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Overpopulation Has Pascagoula Animal Control On Gator Patrol

Dealing with crabby gators is usually part of Edwin Holmes's job as Animal Control Supervisor in Pascagoula. This week, Holmes says gator catching has become a full-time career.

"Everyday we've had to go someplace and get a live gator. They're just real popular this week. They're just everywhere," Holmes says.

Thursday, they found the gator they call "Bad Boy" in some water by River Road.

"The one that we got today had already gotten a dog and some ducks. He was a nuisance and we had to get him," Holmes says.

Wednesday, they pulled the gator called "Highway" off of Highway 90.

"His tail got hit, but he's still dangerous," Holmes says.

Tuesday, they pinned down "Shipyard." He's little, but vicious.

"I got a little one running around down by the trucks at the Shipyard in between the hospital and the fire department," Holmes says,"It's been a wild week so far."

Normally Holmes says they catch 8 to 10 gators in an entire year.

"This is the 8th one already and we've got more out there we are watching," Holmes says.

Holmes says the problem is they're too many out there and no way to get rid of them.

Alligators are illegal to catch and kill in South Mississippi right now, but Holmes says that'll soon change.

Mississippi's first gator season begins in September. And gator hunters must apply for a permit with from the state.

"There's never been a season down here on gators. They're having a season this year up north. Next year they're saying they are going to have one down here on the coast," Holmes says.

Holmes says if that happens, the number of "Bad Boys" on streets and in backyards will be drastically smaller.

By Jaimee Goad

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