Mandatory Insurance Still Making Slow Gains

Have you gotten liability car insurance yet? If not, law enforcement says make sure you do before you get a ticket.

Mandatory liability insurance became law at the beginning of the year. Since then, Jackson Police Sgt. Jesse Robinson has been checking to see if motorists have liability insurance. Since the law took effect in January, the department has written nearly 2,000 tickets. Still, Robinson says word of the new law is slowly getting out.

"In order to have a pretty modern new car it's mandatory to have insurance as long as you owe money on it to the banks, finance companies, what have you. But a lot of the cars that are older that are paid for people try to get by without meeting this particular criteria in the law," Sgt. Robinson said.

Sgt. Robinson adds that most motorists are happy about the requirement.

Rhonda Floyd of Clinton said, "I definitely think it's good because if you're driving and someone hits you, you know they'll have insurance to pay for it."

Yazoo County Resident, Allen Ryan agrees. He's been involved in accidents in the past where motorists were not insured.

"We end up paying not only to fix our vehicles but higher rates on our insurance premiums," Ryan said. "I think everybody should have it."

But not all motorists are fans of the new mandatory insurance law.

"I think we should have a choice if we have to have insurance or not," Newton resident Ernest Bryan said.