Moss Point School Board Gets Public Help In Choosing Superintendent

The Moss Point school system is one step closer to choosing a new superintendent.

The Board of Trustees has narrowed the field to six possible candidates and will make an important decision in the next few days. All of the candidates have been interviewed by not only the board, but also by the public.

Residents like Jim Davis Hull say they welcome the chance to be part of the process.

"It's important that we know before hand who these people are and what their philosophies are and how their going to fit in our community," Hull said.

This is the second time the Board has used public hearings as part of the interviewing process. School Board president Joe May says this process gives the public input in the decision and brings out new perspectives.

"It's what we like to do," May said. "It's been very successful in hiring principals. It helps to keep the public involved. We see a pattern of concern for teacher retention and student discipline. They're probably the two primary and the matter of some tax revenues."

The Board will meet this weekend to narrow down the list, and hopes to make a final decision by the end of the month.

Complete List of Candidates:

  • Marietta Welch James-Superintendent of Education at Acadia Parish School Board in Crowley, La.
  • John Larry Fry-Principal of Moss Point High School
  • Jimmy L. Hopkins-Associate Superintendent of Hattiesburg Public Schools
  • Jerry Alexander-Athlectic Director of Moss Point Schools
  • Tressie Shaw Harper-Assistant Superintendent of Hattiesburg Public School District
  • Dr. Lester Beason-Alcoa City's Director of Schools in Tennessee